The Resourceful Manufacturing and Design group (ReMaDe) is part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan.

ReMaDe's goal is to empower U.S. manufacturers to achieve sustainability through design, process, and supply chain innovations in resource efficiency, and to help foster an innovative and diverse design and manufacturing workforce to deliver those benefits.

Our research is at the nexus between Industrial Ecology (IE) and Engineering: we use and develop new IE methodologies such as material flow analyses and life cycle assessment to identify opportunities and quantify impacts, and then pursue an experimental and mechanistic modeling approach to generate the knowledge underlying those opportunities.

Most engineering focuses on small-scale analysis and design of a product or process and fails to consider the large-scale impacts (e.g., on climate change) that result from these small-scale systems. In contrast, ReMaDe spans the scale from unit manufacturing process analysis and innovation through to whole industry assessments of supply chain efficiency, environmental impacts, and resilience.

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Our activities include low carbon materials processing research, product and process design for the environment, and material and energy efficiency analysis at the factory and supply chain level.

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