Material efficiency in metals processing

Material efficiency

Developing new forming and joining technologies as well as adapting and improving the energy and material efficiency of traditional manufacturing technologies such as casting, extrusion and stamping.

Mechanical engineering topics: Solid mechanics (plasticity), Finite element analysis, Machine Design, Design optimization

Lead contact: Dan Cooper

Solid state welding

Solid state welding

Developing mechanistic models to explain and optimize the use of solid state welding in recycling systems (e.g. extrusion of light metal machining chips) and production of bimetallic pipes.

Mechanical engineering topics: Film theory welding models, Yielding and welding of porous metals, extrusion, accumulative roll bonding

Lead contact: Dan Cooper

Environmental impacts of emerging technology

Emerging technology

From additive manufacturing and incremental sheet forming to carbon nanotubes, how will new developments change the way we make and use products? What design and management practices, innovations and policies can ensure energy efficient use of these new technologies? Lead contact: Dan Cooper

Resource efficient factories

Resource efficient factories

Analyzing both process and non-process energy requirements in downstream manufacturing factories, allowing optimal energy saving investments to be made. We consider the use of alternative equipment, materials, on-site renewables and energy storage systems. This research answers “Given x dollars, what’s the best strategy for this company to pursue in order to reduce its factory’s carbon footprint?” Lead contact: Yongxian Zhu

Development of a low-carbon and prosperous manufacturing sector in Africa

The only way thus far discovered for large developing nations to advance to developed status is by mass employment via industrialization; however, a third of all anthropogenic emissions come from industry. This work seeks to reconcile the goals of alleviating poverty and combatting climate change in rapidly industrializing Africa. There are clear opportunities: unlike the developed world, an extensive greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive electrical grid has yet to be established and, without the legacy infrastructure and capital assets of developed countries, there are opportunities to implement new sustainable manufacturing paradigms such as material efficiency and industrial symbiosis leading to the circular economy. Lead contact: Dan Cooper

Re-use and re-manufacture

Identifying opportunities and developing technologies that dramatically improve material efficiency and cut emissions in the steel and aluminum industries. Lead contact: Dan Cooper