We are looking for applicants to multiple funded PhD positions along the following themes:

  • Metal processing
  • Developing new forming and joining technologies as well as adapting and improving the energy and material efficiency of traditional manufacturing technologies such as casting, extrusion and stamping. Emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing processes will also be considered.

  • Transitioning to low carbon manufacturing
  • Examining energy intensive material production, the impacts of manufacturing products across different sectors both now and in the future (e.g., considering the implications of additive manufacturing), and developing new design paradigms and technologies in order to lower environmental impacts.

    Dan Cooper Asst. Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Dan received his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Cambridge and completed a three year post-doc at MIT. His research, which focuses on making impactful contributions to the areas of manufacturing and sustainability, considers multiple scales: identifying significant opportunities to cut emissions and/or costs by conducting large scale analyses on processes, factories and material supply chains, and pursuing a rigorous technical analysis in order to capitalize on the opportunities.


    Kyle Syndergaard PhD Student

    Kyle earned a bachelor's in mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University-Idaho with an emphasis in manufacturing. Prior to joining the ReMade group at the University of Michigan, he worked as a design engineer in a manufacturing facility where he was involved in every level of the prototyping, design and manufacturing of agricultural equipment. His research focuses on material efficiency in US industry (particularly metals processing) and metal forming processes such as stamping, SPF and ISF.


    Yongxian Zhu PhD Student

    Yongxian Zhu is a PhD student in Resourceful Manufacturing and Design group (ReMaDe) at University of Michigan. She received both the B.S. and M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Her research interests include manufacturing efficiency and sustainability especially in application of data science in manufacturing efficiency, process and supply chain simulation and optimization. She is a member of ASME.


    Roshail Gerard Visiting student from IIT Bombay

    I am a student from IIT Bombay in Mechanical Engineering. I am working on novel, high material yield strategies for recycling machining scrap.


    Boyuan Li M.S. researcher

    I'm an M.S. student in the department of Mechanical Engineering. Currently, my research focuses on novel machine designs and tool paths in order to minimize incremental forming times.


    Alycia Gerber Undergraduate researcher

    Alycia Gerber is a rising junior in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. She is currently exploring patterns in embodied energy in relation to energy used for both large scale and small scale industry, from buildings to products. 


    Jiawei Song Undergraduate researcher

    I'm an undergraduate in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Currently, my research focuses on novel machine designs and tool paths in order to minimize incremental forming times.